Standard cartons for heavy, refrigerated or fragile goods

Our standard boxes are great for shipping heavy, fragile or refrigerated goods and are available in 4 different sizes.

For the shipment of refrigerated goods we have special paper bags in our program, which can be filled with dry ice.

Packing VK_12 Dimensions

  • Outer packing 415 x 325 x 425 mm
  • Dimensions inner packaging 350 x 260 x 350 mm
  • Uptake volume in liters 32
  • Weight 1.350 gram


Always the perfect protection for your goods

Ecoship Inside Protect

The ideal companion for shipping

Our filler pieces are the right complement to our ECOSHIP cardboard boxes and have several advantages at once:

1. Precisely fitting insulation of thermal barriers inside the carton reduces the required refrigerant (e.g. Dry Ice).

2. Fixes products in the carton and prevents slipping or breakage during shipment.

3. Saves voluminous padding material made of paper or plastic.


Dry Ice bag

For the shipment of goods in need of refrigeration

Dry ice bag

Our DRY ICE BAG is an environmentally friendly insulated bag for dry ice and is made of 100% recycled paper. It is especially suitable for shipping goods in need of cooling in our ECOSHIP.DE shipping boxes.

They completely eliminate the use of plastic as packaging material. The DRY ICE BAG consists of a surrounding paper padding mat made of 100% recycled paper and thus reduces the amount of dry ice required by approx. 50%. Easy to close thanks to pressure-sensitive adhesive with cover strip.

Another advantage - there is no risk of burns on the dry ice for the recipient of your goods. The DRY ICE BAG can be disposed of with the paper waste.


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