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A combination of low weight and high stability. Its patented interior, consisting of specially shaped paper honeycomb panels make ECOSHIP products an all-rounder. The honeycomb structure with a small cell width and the air trapped inside provides an insulating effect for your thermo-shipping. ECOSHIP is manufactured without composites as single-material packaging from FSC-certified papers and can be 100 percent recycled after use.

The story about ECOSHIP!

Today, if you want to send parcels with several kilos of refrigerated and frozen goods in sustainable
and inexpensive packaging, it usually failed because of the stability of the
outer packaging and the integrated insulation variant. As soon as the goods are too heavy,
the insulating wall inside is compressed and the insulating effect is gone.
This was exactly the problem we faced.

From this problem our product ECOSHIP was born. Insulating honeycomb panels, which in small
cell cores reduce air circulation and thus temperature exchange, but with a load-bearing
capacity of up to 3.5 kilos per square centimeter can also withstand heavy weights.

And what applies to the inside also applies to the outside, of course. So why not offer the same carton for
fragile goods. No sooner said than done!

Meanwhile we offer a complementary single-material packaging system for various

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